Fund & General Partnerships

Our outsourcing solutions will help your firm with accounting and reporting requirements mandated by your Partnership Agreement. The firm’s principals will be left to focus on developing investor relationships and investment strategies. Ultimus LeverPoint offers industry expertise that can help lead your firm to reduce operating costs and increased profitability. Your Limited Partners will receive accurate and timely reporting when you work with Ultimus LeverPoint. As your fund grows, we have the ability to tailor our services to include AIVs, blocker corporations and carried interest vehicles. Fund Administration is not an automated process – you can rely on Ultimus LeverPoint to be an extension of your firm.

Accounting Services

  • Agreements review and interpretation
  • Maintain general ledger
  • Calculate and record all capital calls
  • Calculate distribution amounts
  • Prepare cash disbursements and receipts

Treasury Services

  • Coordinate the set-up of bank accounts
  • Administer online banking portals
  • Ability to work with multiple financial institutions
  • Review wires as directed for all cash movements of the Fund and related entities
  • Perform OFAC procedures for all wires prepared prior to execution

Financial Reporting: Agreed-Upon Timeframe

  • Supporting work papers
  • Financial statements
  • Capital account schedules

Capital Accounts and Allocations

  • Capital contributions
  • Distributions
  • Income and expense allocations

Investor Services

  • Distribution of correspondence:
    • Capital call notices
    • Distribution notices
    • Capital account schedules
    • K-1s and other tax reporting
    • General correspondence
  • Maintain database of Limited Partner information:
    • Contacts
    • Addresses
    • Wire information

Additional Services

  • Track receipt of capital calls from investors and proceeds from investments
  • Report cash activity and balances in an agreed upon timeframe
  • Reconcile all bank accounts and provide activity reports on a monthly basis