Treasury Services & AML Reporting

The Treasury Team’s commitment to payment accuracy and banking offers a solid foundation to Ultimus LeverPoint’s superior client service standards.

Ultimus LeverPoint Management provides Treasury transaction and banking services, with an experienced team specializing in the review of transaction requests to ensure completeness, foreign exchange, compliance with financial regulations, accuracy and conformance to the specific banking and industry standards.

Transaction processing is an integral part of cash management, and Ultimus LeverPoint is able to work with the client’s and their financial institutions to administer the online banking platforms. This enables Ultimus LeverPoint to manage our staff as users for online banking purposes. Once our users are set up with access, there is a segregation of duties implemented to ensure that transactions are prepared and independently reviewed for the client to release, as requested or scheduled.

This process covers all transactions initiated by Ultimus LeverPoint on behalf of our clients including but not limited to:

  • Vendor payables
  • Distributions to investors
  • Line of credit payments
  • Deposit processing

Ultimus LeverPoint can also scan all transaction beneficiaries through an OFAC database to ensure there are no payments to individuals on OFAC Sanctions and SDN lists. Once we are able to clear any potential alerts that are identified, we will proceed with transaction setup.

Cash reconciliation and reporting services include weekly cash reporting, as well as monthly bank reconciliations. In addition to these reports, our transaction checklists for each payment include a final step of checking the bank activity the following day to ensure the money has transmitted successfully.